Guardian guide to what to keep in the fridge

Because there’s not enough bickering on here about ketchup, eggs, and chocolate being kept in/out of the fridge

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Is anyone NOT keeping their milk in the fridge door?

Cows keep it in their udders


Three shelves and a drawer, what a life of luxury. Clearly a sponsored post by big fridge.

Reckon my whole kitchen spent a good month recently at below fridge temperature though.

This sounds like a good pun punchline but I can’t quite make the actual joke work :thinking:

what a load of absolute nonsense

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Our flat came with an integrated fridge but no freezer.

So we bought a big fridge freezer, so now I have two fridges. Feel like a king.

actually not all of it is nonsense but a lot is

Yeah the stuff is going in wherever it fits and it’ll be grateful for it, thanks


I never understand who is sorting the spec for kitchens in flats (or in general to be honest, all aspects are bad). I had that issue the one time, for some reason suffered the 12 months without a freezer before moving out.

Always keep coffee beans in the fridge, so this article is big news to me.

Don’t give a shit about where in the fridge stuff is. It’s either in the fridge or it’s not.


Apples last longer in the fridge, but make sure they can breathe

Fairly certain they can’t. Just look at them!


Does peanut butter go in the fridge? Am I doing it wrong?

Imagine keeping tomatoes in the fridge


There are times when my fridge is nothing BUT tomatoes (not my doing)

If it’s in the fridge in the shop, it goes in the fridge in the house, and if it isn’t, it doesn’t, with the exception of opened containers of sauces etc, which go in the fridge

2 fridges and 2 freezers here :crown:

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Thanks for the reminder that I’ve got some salt and vinegar walkers squares!

Alright, Appliances Direct.

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