Guardian guide to what to keep in the fridge

I keep tomatoes in the fridge


Does it not ruin the flava flava??

Dunno never had one to compare to

Will try and report back

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I’m not but that is because the little shelf on my door is held on with electrical tape and a full milk carton would most probably pull it right off so I don’t trust it to sit in the door.

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Yeah this is where i lost interest. Bowl in the sun on the windowledge pls


Not THAT impressive for an M&S Food :person_shrugging:

Are you fridge, or are you freezer? My eggs are chilly, my bread is cold. :man_dancing:t2:


I’ve been keeping my potatoes in the fridge for a while now. They easily go a month beyond sell by. Sometimes more. Acrylamide can get in the bin.


Eggs, ketchup, all veg, most fruit, all in the fridge. The default is if in doubt, stick it in the fridge

I thought coffee was meant to go in the fridge? I always used to keep it out of the fridge until someone said it should go in the fridge. FFS

As far as I’m aware there is no need to put instant coffee, ground coffee or coffee beans in the fridge, as instant + beans lasts forever, and ground coffee goes bad too quickly for the fridge to make a difference. It also makes your fridge smell of coffee and makes your coffee taste of whatever you keep in your fridge

That article is far too long

Going to just keep on fridgin’

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Oh, THAT’S where I’ve been going wrong. I’ve used mine to grow unknown mold in hot conditions.