Guardian Quick Crossword

Hello, I do the Guardian Quick Crossword everyday and quite enjoy it. Maybe if there’s enough interest this can be a rolling thread for people to offer advice/encouragement and discuss the GQC of the day. Starting from today.

Today’s is quite a good 'un.

Oh, don’t look at my post in the Things You Have Been Slow To Realise thread if you don’t want to know the answer to 15 down.

Good luck and god bless.

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Done it. Do I get a prize?


Not 100% convinced about 19A

Daaamn you are good at this


Damn you 19A

My best guess was ispy but I knew that wasn’t right. Don’t think I’ve heard of the actual answer before.

Yeah I didn’t know.

tbf quick crosswords aren’t so much of a test of how clever you are/how big your vocabulary is but a test of how many other crosswords you’ve done. Words like that crop up all the time. Same with the Evening Standard one.

I think it’s as in espionage

That word (espy) is one of those that you only ever see used in crosswords. Along with words like ‘eke’

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Whoever does the guardian one uses tomahawk and tofu ALL the time.

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Sounds like a typical Friday night out for me

That was my only idea too, but would surely be split if the case. Just that, 10D & 16D eluding me now.

couldn’t get 19a (never heard of it) or 24a (should have got that but just couldn’t)


10D was a fucker - had no idea it was a type of plant.

too easy for me to cheat at this one

any takers for the cryptic? got pretty into it before christmas but found my productivity at work plummeted. haven’t done one in 2018 yet

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I do the QC online in my lunch time most days. Not to be all “oh look at me” but I thought today’s was very easy, seemed to race through it. It seemed very tricky a couple of days ago though, I guess it depends what setter you get.

Just looking at it now … yikes

I’ve never got my head around cryptic crosswords. My dad used to do the Telegraph one every day and tried explaining a few clues to me and although once you had the answer they made sense, without them I was (and still am) clueless!