Guardian Quick Crossword

Yeah, I found I just went through a couple on the guardian site, doing the reveal, and finding out how they worked. Otherwise the v clever people at Fifteensquared fully parse everything.

Yeah, Vlad ones are tough. I’ll leave the tab open…

I thought 11A might be in the dark but I can’t quite get it to work (In the ark with a D added?)

I’m stranded in a bit of a crossword nomansland in that i piss the iPaper one but rarely complete the Guardian quick crossword.

Obviously i just buy the iPaper still because i like the word ladder things, but i’d like to push myself a bit.

Please, show some respect.

I used to really struggle with the GQC but found that I got much better the more I did.


Looks good to me.

Where old conservationist was = in the ark + keeping D (department)

yeah gonna have to do this now

I’ve just about progressed to the quiptic stage (hate that portmanteau but probably couldn’t do any better myself). Reading the breakdown of today’s cryptic on fifteensquared was confusing enough, let alone actually trying to solve it.

but I smash the quick crossword, don’t you worry about that

I’m going to have to politely ask that you leave this thread and start your own cryptic thread.

You’re making some of the younger users feel uncomfortable.

Somebody had their dictionary open on E, fucking hell

I love the cryptics, but the difficulty spikes up and down massively with the guardian ones. Some are fine without needing to check at all, some i can’t even get a single clue.

Wasn’t so hot today. Northeast and Southwest had me stumped for ages. Learnt a new word from 22A and also now have cravings for custard creams.

i would quite like to get into them, have done a couple before. you definitely get a knack for them.

You just have to remember that whoever devised them is about 90 years old and so any cultural reference dates from about 1971.

I’ve got them all except 22a - about to give up

19D a new word for me today on the quick.

Cryptic is also quite accessible today

just took me bloody ages to remember how to spell it.

8d I’m not that sure about, it isn’t very ‘crosswordy’

Evidence of cheating in the 3rd tab there? :thinking: