Guardian (Rolling)


Thought it would be a good idea to keep this rolling on the new forums.

Happy to start:

Julian Barnes: why I wrote an extravagantly damning review of my own debut novel



There’s such a large amount of bullshit in this article, I don’t know where to begin with it


Ha, I started reading that earlier, stopped after the first few paragraphs when I realised what a nonsense, old-fashioned shit troll it was.


5 It’s so hard to get around the city.

7 Urban living makes you lazy. Since you’ve got the buses and tubes, you tell yourself you might as well use them,

Sounds logical

4 There’s nothing to look at.



The Guardian is fucking awful. The wanton begging for cash on the basis they’re fierce independent journalists smacks of getting carried away watching Paddy Considine’s corduroy hack in that there Bourne film. Bloody sanctimonious hand wringers.

(I’m most of the way through a large Peroni after a long day…)