Guardian Top 100 TV Shows of the 21st Century

Any ‘when does a century start’ chat will be swiftly dealt with


Darkplace at 92?

I’m out.


Yeah and The Trip at 95. It’s the one of these lists I’ve disagreed with least though I think.

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how the hell is killing eve so acclaimed


Seen 55 of the 100, either completely through or enough to have given up.

Christ there are some bad choices there. The Good Fight is much better than The Good Wife

The top 10 seems pretty decent but after that it’s pretty crazy. I’m guessing those they asked had wildly differing choices so the averages look like pure shit.

Great fun.

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Came here to say wtf is Killing Eve doing at 30


My mate is one of the five names on the ‘by’ bit. Not sure if that means only those five reviewers were asked or if they wrote the copy on the various shows but there were a lot more votes counted.

CTRL+F “family guy” 0 results :slight_smile:

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Pleased to see Happy Valley so high. I’d have had Vera in there somewhere.

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Sprial, Borgen, Inside No 9…excellent they made it in, though all of those should be much higher.

No Frasier though. What a crock of shit.

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Didn’t Frasier finish before the 21st Century?


Depends when the 21st century started, I guess


My top 10:
Thick Of It
Peep Show
The Sopranos
The Wire
The Trip
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
The Office (US)
Red Riding
This Is England

Honourable mentions for Veep, Early Doors, FOTC and Grandma’s House.



Actually genuinely thought it was all done and dusted by 1999. Maybe that’s just when it went off the boil and I lost track.

Shocked to find Buffy in there at all, TBH. Its best years were definitely 97-99.

Gonna assume that to meet the criteria that the majority of a show’s had to run in the 21st century

Yeah, I guess a 90s list would definitely have frasier in, but probably not The Sopranos

Buffy 97-03
Freaks and Geeks ended in 2000.

Its nonsense. Frasier-deniers.

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