Guardian Top 100 TV Shows of the 21st Century

Should really get around to starting Sopranos at some point.

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Tbf the bit after 2000 is when it started to get worse, but still, should be top 20 at least.

Guardian journos don’t watch cartoons, otherwise it’d be a tight battle between Phineas & Ferb and She-Ra at the top.

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Breaking Bad was better than The Sopranos

Glad to see This Is England on there which is almost always forgotten about as a TV show even though it’s one of the biggest achievements in British tv and film ever

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Good showing for 30 Rock :+1:


It’s entertaining enough, but also increasingly silly. I think it’s at number 30 because everyone loved Fleabag so much.

1 - Wire
2 - Sopranos
3 - Breaking Bad
4 - Peep Show
5 - Always Sunny…

In general though, I can’t find much to disagree with. Big Brother, Bake Off, I’m a Celebrity and Strictly can fuck right off, but then again I find watching reality TV about as much fun as bathing in liquid histamine.

Fleabag that high up is some insane recency bias.

The Leftovers, Show Me A Hero and Halt & Catch Fire are all far, far too low on this list.

Hate lists.


Breaking bad is fun and very watchable but it isn’t anywhere near as good as yer wires and sopranos (better call Saul is better than bb, too)


Buffy ran to 2004 iirc

Excuse me whilst I marckee…

Final episode date: 20 May 2003

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Red Riding is probably my favourite TV show of all time.

It is the easiest list to agree with by a long way.


Is fringe there?


The best show of this century is Sex and the City :slight_smile:

Top 2 should be The Wire and Match of the Day. Don’t care which order

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Ooh right.

Is this because S1 was a mid-season replacement and ran entirely at the start of 97 so S2 started 97 too?

In any case, because they’re counting 2000 as 21st C that still puts it more in the 21st C

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Not a good list that, it’s like they picked some eligible shows and placed them at random

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Struggling to find fault with the top 7, though I might swap The Wire and the Sopranos.

Girls in the top 20. Unacceptable

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