What makes Beto run? This morning it’s Pride and fighting prejudice

An article that could almost incite you to get American citizenship to vote for any of his rivals…

been reading this hungarian novel, and one of the other things by him is a ludicrous 1200 pages long and took him 18 years to write. decided to read the guardian review, and it was this weird anti-intellectual rant that barely considered the book at all, included lines like ‘The magnificos in Hungary have really lost the public’, and talked briefly about ‘jewish writers’ and so on.

I thought this seemed a little bit weird, and sure enough one of the commenters pointed out that the writer (Tibor Fischer) was an Orban supporter (defending him against anti-semitism, authoritarianism etc) and references to the people and intellectuals and so on, are not exactly innocent

anyway, not really sure what my point is, just a little odd to see the guardian publishing book reviews that are effectively disguised pieces of cryptofascist propaganda

[should point out that the review is from 2011, the piece where Fischer defends Orban 2017]

Good content.


I read under the frog by tibor fischer years ago and really liked it. this isn’t good :frowning_face:

He’s just another loudmouth contrarian bore I think (short interview with a Hungarian journalist from the time here where it becomes quite clear he hasn’t much of a clue what he’s talking about)

This feels like a joke piece. Surely if you cut your foot open on glass getting dog shit in the wound is a cause for alarm?

(I know, I know, but that’s how it read to me at first.)

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(not going to link to the actual article - it’s a piece of trash)

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What I don’t get about going barefoot all the time is how dirty your feet would get. I walked back home from a party once with bare feet as a wacky teen and my feet were black after 15 mins, they felt gross as hell and took ages to scrub clean. Imagine doing that every day. They’d feel disgusting constantly.

i’ve refused to read past the headline cos it’s too funny in isolation


One of the things that really gets me about Lord of the Rings.

Moby’s been emailing into the guardian


They develop leathery soles on their feet though so they basically have natural shoes

Still wouldn’t want to step in dog shit tho

Hmm, he’s always been bald though.


  • Used to have hair, not so much now
  • Late 30s
  • Vegan / animal lover

Probably some random indie twat

“Despite the fact that he is now bald… I am utterly obsessed”

crazy that a bald man can be found attractive eh.


Wasn’t sure where to put this, but it’s quite the read:


This is great - those last two paragraphs are brutal! And rightly so, it would appear…

I love this bit:

The Cambridge University history faculty became impatient with his behaviour, but solved the problem of how to deal with him by encouraging him to apply for the professorship of modern history at Oxford, to which he was appointed in 1985 thanks largely to political support from rightwing Oxford dons reinforced by a laudatory reference from Sir Geoffrey Elton, the regius professor at Cambridge.


It’s a really good obituary. Shows that no matter how clever you are, you can still be a cunt.

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Long before this, he had espoused a variety of rightwing political causes, advocating Britain’s departure from the EU, defending the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and supporting Croatia in the Balkan wars.

lol what the fuck