Fucking hell. On the basis of these I look like Rusty Lee, although I sometimes get confused for Mike Barlow from Corrie.


Music fans can dance, drink and party long into the night, blissfully distracted from the suffering endured by Palestinians.

This article argues there is a spectrum of opinion amongst Jews on Israel and on Zionism, but not Radiohead fans.


From the comments
"I am frequently asked if I am Rick Wakeman. I usually just ignore them as I have no respect for people whose lives are so empty that they have nothing else to think about than celebrities."

Says the man reading and commenting on an article about celebrity lookalikes



Doesn’t seem that objectionable? I mean, it’s kind of TMI, why do I need to know this, why are you writing about it, but I guess that’s part of the point. There must be a lot of families out there in the same boat.


I just found it funny that she was complaining about having a house full of 20 something children, but she was still going into their rooms and tidying up for them.


they actually gave a comment piece to Erdoğan yesterday lol


Thematic that they turned the comments off for that one.


Yeah I read it. I was surprised to see it there for sure. Don’t know whether I abhor or applaud their decision to be honest, it’s a tricky one. i’m sure the letters page will be rammed with comment on it tomorrow, and it’s possible/likely that an opposition voice will get a similar piece too.


I think we can’t really just look at it from the perspective of regular guardian readers making up their minds about him though. it can be used out of context to legitimise the AKP.


Like I said, I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m sure they considered it very carefully. The fact of the matter is though that he is the President of Turkey, and what he says or writes matters and should be reported. I would definitely have a problem if it were left to stand alone, but as I said I’m sure they will view this as the beginning of a debate on their pages. I don’t read anything into the blocking of online comments, the issue is too sensitive to let those mooing morons have their fun with it.


I think when you publish something as comment piece, to some extent, you are adopting the speech as your own. platforms for the president of Turkey to say and write things are in no short supply. that he chose a liberal-democratic paper like the guardian is very telling. of course they weren’t able to secure an interview in which he is actually challenged because that would not present him with the same opportunity to set the frame. it just comes across as really dodgy to me.


It’ll be interesting to see what the fall out will be over the next week.


difficult to gauge the effect something like this has within turkey though


I find it very hard to believe it will have any significant effect at all.


I really wanted to believe that Mancunians could be trusted with nice things.

I rode a Mobike to Salford Quays, where I swam a mile in the filtered water of the glistening Lowry, reflecting as I did my backstroke that Manchester was starting to feel rather European.


The Guardian’s apparently started looking at DiS threads for article ideas


“What the number of windows in your house says about you”


I’m worried i may have too many internal doors in my home


I know it’s petty, but it annoys me that people lump Salford and Manchester together. Salford’s bigger than Southampton, or York, or Aberdeen and has had City status since the mid-20s.