they never publish anything I write, but I’m thick scum and they’re elitist snobs, so its little wonder :smiley:

(don’t like that article at all)

Farty looking posh dad type tells us what what Must happen. The old Simon Jenkins Special.

Find this kind of stuff fascinating.

This just makes me reaaally want a piano

Might have been covered elsewhere but fair play to whoever found a screenshot where Shapps’ head is in the exact position to make the book covers behind him read “Grant Shapps Pet Butt”.


Chiles back with a vengeance and 9 paragraphs on…ironing!


I quite like some of those.

The 30s looks crap though

…I’m sure he’s written this one before

30s house looks more like “house in the 1930s of people who don’t like modern furniture and hung on to their victorian stuff and patterned wallpaper” rather than “interior design style of the 30s”

Like if someone in the future based their retro room for now on an average house with some dfs bits from the 90s rather than taking inspiration from design mag photos

Chiles has added a paragraph to his Thursday columns

I thought the screaming Trump image was Chiles and that that was his new byline picture

Just leaving this here in case anyone worries that they have a non-job ever again.

Googling GPS gear and how to get in touch with Somalian pirates.


‘Corbyn caused my heart attack’ is one hell of a take…

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Nice to see the usual blueticks piling in to attack any criticism of a column which claims that anyone who campaigned for Labour would have been a Nazi collaborator.

It’s all just a bit


I mean, won’t he have enough on his plate with being US President?

Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 13.14.18


these people are getting worse