I can’t believe Adrian hasn’t had a dog already, it makes so much sense for him to have a little furry mate

Vaguely bemused by the idea that her parents were anti-TV but okay with Dynasty because my recollection of the period was that kind of “We don’t like TV” middle-classism was inextricably linked with a distaste of US TV and soap-like dramas.

(Weird that apparently no questions were raised about her mistaking jeans for leather trousers. I mean she wangs on about how grim the move to colour was but doesn’t ponder that she’d never have been imagining leather trousers if they’d actually had a colour TV to watch this show they loved…)

Yeah I had a friend when I was a kid who wasn’t allowed to watch itv. The parents were also a bit hmm about all the Australian shows.

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TBF there were only soaps apart from a short-lived cop drama, from what I remember, so I can imagine ‘Australian == not worthy’ being a pretty quick evaluation.

Don’t forget Prisoner Cell Block H and the (boring) Sullivans…

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ITV was certainly not encouraged in our house. I remember being forbidden to watch ‘Magpie’. It was Blue Peter or nowt.

What was so bad about ITV?

I meant the late 80s early 90s shows like Pugwall, Round the Twist etc.

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It had adverts and they thought it would corrupt the kids and make them materialistic.

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Guess we’re talking about a different era here because we had Sky from 1992 or so so any idea that we wouldn’t see adverts were off by then.

No we’re talking about the same era- I was born in 1985. I just knew a lot of families who were massive hippies.

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Evidently! Don’t think my parents ever paid attention to what I was watching tbh. I was the youngest of 7 kids though so they had probably given up.

I am still that parent

The adverts he sees on the kids channels are for the worst stuff though. I’m trying to train him to see adverts as an annoying convenience rather than a window into a different world

It’s also why he didn’t watch anything other than CBeebies for years - it’s completely ad free. Big fan of the beeb in that respect


:rofl: as a parent of two i imagine they very much had! If i had 7 they’d probably be watching the shopping channel inbetween episodes of The Boys and i’d pass them the remote!


Isn’t this usually a sign that you’re going to be recruited for a magic quest?

My dad was 6 of 7, and by the time they got to him they just named him John with no middle name because the idea of thinking of more names at that point was exhausting.

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Yeah we are like this and totaly agree. . Occasionally CITV comes on and the adverts have them mesmerised. Its unreal.

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My mum got my name wrong on my birth certificate, had to get it officially changed when I got my first passport. Top parenting.

When one of my friends applied for an Irish passport as an adult, she discovered she somehow had different variations of her name in the two countries. Not even the Irish version of her name, just two different spelling variations from her parents filling out the forms at birth.

Longer than usual from Adrian, and the line about failing to present a breakfast tv programme actually made me laugh. Is he improving? I hope not.


Prisoner is a soap thought?