Never really investigated them, are they that band who really don’t like IDLES but sound just like IDLES but worse?

Yes don’t think they sound much like idles though.

I’ll give them a chance after all then! :smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A McNugget BLT
James Cochran, chef proprietor of 12:51, London
I make my notorious McNugget BLT, every time. You’ll need six chicken nuggets (preferably from McDonald’s) and while you’re waiting for them to be delivered – because, let’s be honest, you’re not leaving the house – get two slices of cheap bread buttered (Warburton’s gets my vote), fry up some bacon, slice tomatoes, shred lettuce, and use to construct your sandwich, along with a good splodge of mayo and a crack of black pepper. When your nuggets arrive, crush them in there with all that BLT goodness and enjoy

This has fucked me right off. A farcical waste of time for everyone involved, just to make a shitty banter sandwich.

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the spicy chorizo and eggs sound nice. Although if you are cooking in the morning with a hangover you need to have a word.

Ordering McDs in just to use it in other cooking is a bit weird but that sounds mint, ngl.


find it weird that everyone now likes to pretend that drinking milk is some weird perverted thing rather than something that’s completely normal and always has been (ethical questions aside i guess) and that everyone did as a child

feels like this has only become a thing in the last couple of years


if you’re already frying up some bacon why wouldn’t you just stick some nuggets in the oven at the same time?


Not banter enough, probably.

Find the “no-one over the age of x” chat a bit tiring too (apart from when Bugduv does it, when I find it hilarious)


No-one over the age of 6 should proscribe what things you can say or do after the age of 6.


This feels like a personal attack against DiS

Yeah, this is fair. Sorry everyone.


It does feel like a thing that’s massively fallen out of fashion. Not sure why, but in the 80s a glass of milk was definitely a very normal thing to drink.

Possibly a combo of the rise of semi-skimmed and skimmed milk in houses meaning it lacks so much flavour, plus the fact that milkshakes and huge lattes are more of a thing?

Semi skimmed is the best one, cheers


Hate that slightly salty taste of milk :frowning:

Been years since I had a sip of full-fat milk, reckon it’d overpower me with milkiness now

If there’s an interesting story hiding behind this headline then they’re really not doing it any favours.

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TIL: before he went out with Kath Viner, Adrian Chiles went out with Rosie Duffield

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Aw, I think this is nice. I want more of this guy.