Least he’ll have 4 paragraphs to respond or not.


Their columnists man


Did she say she has never recieved a whatsapp from him and then they all clapped.

The state of it


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They’ve just published this with no trace of irony:

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Very few people think of themselves as centrists. It’s a belief that you are independent and non-ideological, so you don’t have the type of label that are handed out to others; if you have one it’s something very vague, like liberal, or based around a cult of personality, like K-Hiver or Blairite. Every Guardian op-ed dipshit could read this article and nod solemnly, focusing in on the bits about listening to women and LGB people and PoCs, which to them means listening to the women and LGB people and PoCs that they already agree with.

It’s not a bad article actually, just not incisive enough. Which is why the Guardian can publish it without feeling uncomfortable.

And the ones who do…

Just the best people


I went to look at the Guardian’s tweet promoting it and the comments were very #notallcentrists or ‘that’s not centrism’ or ‘don’t be stupid, centrism will solve everything’! So many different ways to entirely ignore the issues raised in the article… really quite impressive.

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I remember the centrist dinner parties of my childhood


To be fair to the author of the piece, she’s from the Guardian’s US office and has written numerous articles against the kinds of transphobia displayed by her UK-based colleagues.


Imagine being proud that your identity is bland triangulation :woozy_face:

chris witty

*being the sensible grown up in the room!!1

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Three paragraphs of pure Chiles


Bizarrely they’ve also got him to write a big proper piece about Naomi Osaka and press conferences. Haven’t read it obviously.

But I’m sure he’s the guardian writer most qualified to talk about the pressures of being a poc + world class sportsperson

I think this is the event marking my transition from middle to old age. And there’s a long way still to fall.

He’s just realised he is going to die.

Coming to terms with mortality in the most banal way possible is the consistent thread running through all his articles tbf


It’s interesting that the Guardian chose to centre this article around an ex-city worker who own multiple beach huts and rents them out like a buy-to-let empire, but chose not to mention that fact.