Imagine being proud that your identity is bland triangulation :woozy_face:

chris witty

*being the sensible grown up in the room!!1

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Three paragraphs of pure Chiles


Bizarrely they’ve also got him to write a big proper piece about Naomi Osaka and press conferences. Haven’t read it obviously.

But I’m sure he’s the guardian writer most qualified to talk about the pressures of being a poc + world class sportsperson

I think this is the event marking my transition from middle to old age. And there’s a long way still to fall.

He’s just realised he is going to die.

Coming to terms with mortality in the most banal way possible is the consistent thread running through all his articles tbf


It’s interesting that the Guardian chose to centre this article around an ex-city worker who own multiple beach huts and rents them out like a buy-to-let empire, but chose not to mention that fact.

That illustration, fucking hell


I wonder how David Gray feels when he hears Babylon very pointedly and tellingly used as the background music :sweat_smile:

Probably just glad for the pence on the PRS cheque these days.

Is the Guardian site down completely for everyone or just me?

Edit - just seen the other thread


can’t stop thinking about this. Sociopathic.


It’s not just the event, but everything he does afterwards too, including making himself the centre of the story he sells to the Guardian.


Might just be me being a Sunday morning miseryguts, but describing Ocean Rebellion as a downside in an article about the benefits of seeing massive police and US marine presence just got me a bit.

Also had to double check they hadn’t accidentally included two photos of the same family

Something amazing about the end where he briefly touches on her probably having arthritis the rest of her life and then ends quickly on some glib “but we could laugh and that’s special” #livelaughlove sentiment :joy:

I knew people (doesn’t feel right writing ‘friends’ here) who used to do this kind of shit, and as someone who is a bit physically awkward i used to hate it.

Good ol’ lads bantz. Gotta love it.