I follow you. Just sorta aligning with Caedus really:

Reckon there is a lotta truth in this, regardless of what he is like now. Definitely strikes me as a very “macho” thing to do, if you get me.


This has absolutely done me, thank you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah macho, reckless, immature. I think they’re all valid. Echoing what @Parsefone said upthread I heard some professor of mental development (I may have got the job title somewhat awry there), the other day, almost matter of factly dropping into her conversation the fact that adolescence basically goes up to 25. I’d say this fits with my memories; I was very much not any sort of mature man until way into my late 20s (at the earliest).

Although I’ve never broken anyone’s leg. In fact I had my arm broken in a juvenile drunken accident, by one of my friends, who is now a rather eminent doctor! Crucial to that eminence I suspect was his unwillingness to write to the papers about it at the time.


And again

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Reckon she should give coffee a go.

Stong and Stable

what could go wrong?



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I boring?

Yes Ade.

Someone is probably going to tap a sign saying Jonathan Jones is far too easy to put up here but I care not.

This is just mind-bogglingly shit.


Typo or Helen Pidd column?


Men wearing short shorts are masculine…but soft masculine…but are they creepy…only sometimes…but not if they’re doing stuff!

I absolutely hate this kind of stuff (tbh most of the fashion stuff in that paper is excruciating)

There’s no one in this universe, nor will there ever be anyone existing in any universe, who thinks that that Sam Smith album cover qualifies as art

Had a really long chat with my housemate about it, about how little it says

Our conclusion: that’s the face of someone who’s noticed that there is no milk left in Tesco, but remembers that they still have a couple of pints in the fridge so actually it’s fine.

The first Sam Smith album sold over 2 million copies. Surely the budget for the second album could’ve got them a more interesting headshot… unless that is genuinely the most interesting photo they were able to get :joy:


don’t really get album covers that are just a photo of someone’s face. i mean they’re fine for what they are but occasionally they pop up in the Best Album Artwork threads here and i never really understand. (just different taste in art i suppose)

also that Fleet Foxes one is obviously lovely but as it’s already a famous old painting it feels like cheating to include it in a best album art list

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BRB releasing an album with Starry Night as the cover art


I think that’s a good cover

I reckon enigmatic portraits are historically sometimes considered art

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I know absolutely nothing about photography or art in general but I think that’s a good photo of a person with an interesting face.

Absolutely no way it belongs anywhere near a discussion about greatest album covers ever of course.