Has anyone got or are they getting to the point where they don’t read a newspaper in any form at all? The Guardian’s declined massively over the last decade hasn’t it? Its coverage of British politics particularly is awful and biased. The sport, world news and US politics stuff means it’s just about worth reading online, but i can’t justify buying it, or anything else.


Saw the Saturday edition atomised around me mam’s gaff a few weeks ago, and asked if she still rates it. Said it’s obviously gone downhill, but she’s just in the habit of getting it now, mostly for the crossword. It has become That Kind of Newspaper.




Great layout on the home page today:



I think Jonathan Jones may legitimately be the worst journalist in existence.


It’s a big field.

But you may well be right. He is guaranteed to have the absolute worst take on everything. Everything.


killjoy extraordinaire


Didn’t someone on here try to defend him once? possibly umlaut_ampersand





You’re all old enough that you should be reading The Times now,tbh



Not appropriate for this thread - this is a GREAT article.


starts off quite infuriating but i was on board by the end


That’s just lovely.



Jonathan Jones is actually sticking up for fascists move. Hope he comes down on Saturday and someone smacks him upside the head with a Pratchett book.



nah he’s a bellend with a rubbish shirt but those 2 statements aren’t contradictory