Not really "guardian!", but imagine seeing this video and not thinking it was staged:


Not directly contradictory but more than little favouritism shown to actual hate speech.


Calling for an art gallery to be closed because you do not like its (supposed) views, or the art and speakers it promotes, is intolerant, bigoted and destructive. It is a pathetic attack on free speech.

Maybe the pieces are?


Good sense of perspective here


Fucking hell. I've no desire to see La La Land but it's hardly Triumph Of The Will is it??


Also I think Moonlight's gonna win so he's gonna have egg on his face come Monday I reckon.



He got lucky :joy:


Haha. I actually thought it was gonna win before I even saw it!


George W Bush defends media, media decides maybe he wasn't so bad after all.


"Now that I'm out of office, turns out that hey I'm a human being after all!"

Every shithead politician before Trump ever.


Top notch revisionism from the Guardian here. They do know that the US Army base that he turned into a torture camp for Muslims is still open, right?


Blair being the exception that proves the rule, right?


Surely this deserves to be in here?


That man carries an office with him. He'll still be trying to run the country and sort out the Middle East when he's 90.


alright, sartre


What I don't understand is that there are definitely a ton of academics with interesting things to say who would be happy to write the odd opinion column, for relatively little money, yet the guardian continues to fill its pages with largely half baked shite. Are the editors just lazy, or are they stupid or incompetent


Where do they dig up some of these jokers?


:smile: so harsh



seriously though - this looks fucking terrible: