Notice they’ve changed the headline on the site to remove the ‘pro abortion’ reference. They’ve left the rest of her fucking nonsense unaltered though.


remain and leave are neutral but no is bad and yes is good.



“I live frugally…with my parents…who charge me £70 a week including food and council tax, and pay for my holidays…”


Easy to knock The Guardian at times but really enjoyed Grace Dent’s piece about processed food and social class


Hate those articles so much!

My rough sums say she has about £220 a week basically for fun after her exceptionally modest living costs (£70 for all household bills and food is pretty sweet really) which is alright really (if you don’t mind living with your parents) Not hating on her at all, just don’t understand the point of those articles at all, just seemingly designed to wind people up!


This sort of thing is such a waste of everyone’s time “I like to do stuff, and so I do stuff. I spend a bit of money but not too much cause I’m not earning much”.

It’s not even irksome unless it’s trying to irk by failing at irking.



i came in here to post this also. have a like


Right back at ya, pally


Think I’ve lost count the number of times this man has said something stupid and I’ve clicked his profile and been surprised he’s actually paid to write about things



oh my fucking god it’s me as 21 year old (i was an utter, utter cunt at 21)


Shits puts you in the feels!


think pieces in general are pretty much self-serving toss most the time


I’m not at all sure that I want to be put in the feels. Sounds unpleasant.


Every time he posts something, it makes me believe the joke that he’s in the position he’s reached because he’s the only person in the Guardian office who understands how to use excel.


Forgot that was him! :joy:


Just seen that it’s been liked by Simon Hedges too.



Genuinely Sub-CG stuff


Genuinely took me about thirty seconds to work out what the equivalence he was trying to draw even was. Fuck me.