preferred his earlier work


wots all this then


If you have to spend around 150-200 words explaining your cartoon to people who are broadly on your own side, then it’s probably best not to put it out there.


does seem sketchy doesn’t it, soon as i saw the oven (or fireplace, either way) i winced.


used to find Doonesbury easier to understand than his cartoons


Steve Bell is unremittingly shit. Good day to you, sir.



After an article called “Leave those kids alone: ‘helicopter parenting’ linked to behavioural problems”


This article’s author seems to think a network switch is like a light switch or something:


To be honest I’m more hacked off with this from Visa

But in this instance the failsafe failed.

The whole point of failsafes is that they are safe when they fail.


I once lost my entire server estate, which was supposed to be failsafed by being hosted in two separate locations, because someone plugged one network cable somewhere they shouldn’t have. Took our hosting company, network provider and parent company’s infrastructure management a whole day to figure out.


Which Disser is “Alex Hern” then?


He is pals with quite a few current or ex-DiSers.


We’ve not had that thread for a while actually and holiday season is coming…


This article on child enslaving evil game Fortnite is amongst the worst things I’ve ever read:

Tl;dr - Guardian writer is asked to play Fortnite for a week, doesn’t understand technology, never ends up playing Fortnite at all. It’s basically a 700 word excuse for not completing an assignment.


Hate when they do articles like this, and don’t open the comments.


was aghast at how “will this do?” this was

surely any editor in their right mind would have said “take another 7 days and actually play the game please”


“I would have played it but I was in a cinema listening to techno when the guy I got to bring me an xbox turned up at my house.”

Oh well that’s ok then.



Unemployed. Say unemployed.


“We could extend it and call it a Fortnight of Fortnite, couldn’t we Bridgit?”