didn’t this make u think though?

‘How can a game be addictive if it’s hard to get and no one will play with you?’


“Can a non gamer without a gaming system and no intention of buying one get into gaming?”

I’m gonna pitch them my, “Can a non-skier get into skiing without being able to afford to go skiing?” shortly. 700 words of me tapping my mates for some funds to go to Austria and them telling me to fuck off.


why is she so obsessed with finding other people to play it with her - i get the feeling she doesn’t understand that the whole point in internet gaming is you use the internet… to play random people

During the partial download, my computer crashes and the 65 tabs I have open all shut.

ah, i see


They missed a trick only giving her a week.


This is amazing


i bet they thought this tired bait-and-switch style article was really, really “clever”. the world postmodern will have been used in the pitch meeting.


post / username interface



she doesn’t even know how to put her phone on vibrate, this was doomed from the start.


“i was in a cinema listening to techno”

you watch films in a cinema you stupid guardian hack, you fool!


including the comment cos i think it sums up the article nicely


Didn’t she, in effect, vote for Trump, with her showy endorsement of third party Green candidate Jill Stein? Yes. Yes she did.

No. No she didnt you absolute howler.


Known she was a shitter for a while, but I didn’t imagine she’d turn out an article quite as bad as that. Behind the guff there’s no moral grounding to these people whatsoever.


Really bizzare takedown here, weird to go after Susan Surrandon specifically, and then the article leaps around spewing crazy shit without any structure to it, not even talking about Susan Surrandon mostly. Reads kind of like a Fox News attempt at destroying a libtard; they just develop really specific beefs and then shout angrily for a while to make themselves feel better.



Not Guardian but still relevant


What the absolute fuck is that?


On the one hand, I like the fact that the Independent are hanging her out to dry, on the other hand, they should really have had the decency to tell her “you "really” don’t want us to publish this piece about you.


holidays: 375 a month
additional treats after holiday budget and food: 523 per month


How do you go on a holiday a month? Lots of weekends away I guess.