Recently I was going to buy a red jacket, but then I thought: “I don’t need a red jacket, I’ve got a navy one and it’s fine.” So I’ve changed my train of thought about what I really need to spend money on.


I cancelled my £150 per month gym membership



So she’s able to save lots and live a decent life because she’s got a very good salary.

Wow the doors of perception have been blown right off.


Thats some gymbox+PT bullshit


Virgin active with the sleep pods



what an inspiration


“I avidly read the book Barefoot Investor and watched a Netflix documentary called “Minimalism”. Both really changed my thinking when it comes to buying things that I don’t need.”



In which Mr. Garton Ash compares Brexit negotiations to the Treaty of Versailles, implies ominous ‘negative consequences for the rest of Europe’, then finally recommends the EU be more like the Holy Roman Empire.


Am I exaggerating the danger by even hinting at a comparison with Weimar Germany? Indeed I am. I don’t seriously envisage millions of newly unemployed, or a new Hitler coming to power, or a world war started by Boris Johnson. But it’s surely better to overdramatise the risk, to get everyone to wake up to it, rather than do what most of our continental partners have done for the last two years, which is consistently to underestimate the dangers for the whole of Europe that flow from Brexit – especially a mishandled Brexit.


and he doesn’t do this either. He recommends learning lessons from it.


Am I talking absolute dogshit? Indeed I am. But I hope, dear reader, by smearing the dogshit across the top of this article, you rubes will just see that, take it seriously for some reason and stop this nonsense. Because I consider you all moronic apes. Apes, I say.


Oh god not the headline vs article thing again. Please give me fucking strength. Isn’t it also about time someone posted something from today’s Lost In Showbiz column too?


It’s not a headline v article thing though. He’s basically admitting that he’s made stuff up and exaggerated it because people are too stupid to see that he’s right otherwise.


yeah whatever. as you all were.



By saying how good it was, rather than using it as a cautionary example, i.e. be more like it:

I’d also recommend a history of the Holy Roman Empire. That earlier European Union lasted so long because it proved capable of adapting to changing circumstances, living with Europe’s ineradicable diversity and complexity, while still maintaining its central purpose and mystique. A lesson, I think, for today.


What we can learn from the Habsburgs, by me, a very intelligent man

Is it just me or have the liberal commentariat been more stark raving bonkers than usual recently?


Gave me flashbacks to A-level history, this article


I’ve only skimmed this but pretty sure it’s an advert




Let’s just scroll right down to the bottom shall we

So yes, the Trump administration’s proposed “Tax Cut 2.0” would benefit the wealthy. It will face harsh opposition. It will increase the deficit. But let’s admit that it will also potentially put more money in the hands of small business owners too.

Gene Marks is a columnist, author and small business owner. His company, the Marks Group PC, provides technology and financial management services to SMBs in the US and abroad.

That’s a pretty good punchline, you have to admit.


This guy.