Columnists don’t write headlines.

The piece is absolutely fine.


are you saying you’ve had enough of experts old chum?


I think he’s saying we should all marry our cousins


Taking your word for it because I cannot be arsed reading it.


Are you calling the commentariat experts? Because in most cases they’re anything but.


Awards and honours[edit]


I’ve had enough of the sorts of experts that hand out these sorts of awards,


;D well indeed.


seems that the Hoffman von fallersleben prize hasn’t been awarded for nearly a decade.

god I’m bored




We spend about £600 a month eating out at restaurants. We also have an Italian chef who travels with us and cooks pretty much whatever we like.

When we go on city breaks we might spend £15,000 to £20,000 on first-class flights and £1,500 a night on a hotel. I don’t do it myself – I have an American Express black card and so someone at the company organises it for us. I send both my kids to private school in Monaco which costs £35,000 for them both.


My eyes! :dizzy_face:






I can’t actually formulate the inarticulate scream that this makes me want to do in text. This world is a crock of shit. I keep a family of three alive, just about, on what this shitebag spends on his holiday logistics, and I know that I’m still privileged to have that.

Properly depressed by this.


yep. i have no idea why a left-leaning paper would want to do this, except to rack up those hate clicks. and the bit at the start, “i started with nowt but a tenner and an ad in a shop window”. FUCK OFF. he’s a lying piece of shit.


He obviously got lost on the way to the Telegraph money pages.

I do like that tenner story though.

Hmm… I’m down to my last tenner. How should I spend it? Food for the next week, or risk it all by spending it on an advert on the slim chance that someone who wants to take on a non-accountant to be their accountant happens to see it.


So angry.


Burn the shitrag down to the ground


He was three months behind on his mortgage at 21…? Which, you would think, means he must have made a few payments before then. Quite early to have got a deposit, mortgage etc. To start from NOTHING.


Mortgage at 21 lol