Also, it’s funny how all these super rich people are at pains to paint themselves as frugal, as if that’s some sort of reprieve.

That’s even worse you tit


that’s exactly what this entire genre is isn’t it, it’s so cynical


Oh god it’s just never-ending, isn’t it?


I guess confirms that, yes, you were correct, rich people really are cunts


My favourite restaurant is an Italian called Zafferano in Belgravia, but it’s not that expensive. I’d probably spend £100 on a meal for two people



Genuinely, I would expect more than £50 per head in Belgravia.

Basically, he’s lying


you just know if he only had 1 tenner left it’s because everything else was tied up in stocks and bonds and a trust fund from his parents. he was an accountant previously and had a mortgage at 21, so i’m guessing this is more of a petty-booj-tyrant-to-disgusting-pig-wallowing-in-opulence story than the plucky underdog tale they’re spinning it as.


Probably the most truthful part of the entire article tbf
(Just had a quick look at the menu)


I reckon perhaps he just doesn’t drink wine. His claims stack up if you look at the menu:

(doesn’t mean he’s not a prize twat though)

edit : or what @p_a_u_l said


If you’re as shit-rich as he is, at least drink some fucking wine, man. It’s so tasty.


If you’re having trouble with your blood pressure after reading these then can I recommend imagining them being read out by a five-year old, which by happy coincidence would also match the writing style and maturity of the author. Gives much needed comic relief.


like the part where he says that if you can prove you’ve read his book he’ll give you a free copy of his book

gee thanks


i take no joy in this

(i take a lot of joy in this)


The Guardian has always contained these upper middle class hate/envy-read lifestyle pieces, but it feels like it’s turned a corner in the last few years, coinciding with them balancing the books by cutting a fuckload of staff and taking on a bunch of corporate sponsorships, in particular from the Bill Gates Foundation. Their sports, literature coverage and long reads remain decent, the rest of it reads very much like flagwaving for the neoliberal establishment.

This is a problem right across traditional liberal media - the only way to maintain a large footprint on your intended audience is to become a rich person’s mouthpiece. They’re all going the way of the right wing gutter.


would be curious to see if the accountant guy’s firm has any ads on the site in the near future



I guess this is the observer not the guardian - but it’s basically an advert for someone’s air BnB

They don’t actually tell you this until the end of the article


We know James Ball is pretty terrible, but this is just rubbish:


I’m just imagining it being read out by Bob Mortimer in his Barry Homeowner voice


gonna fold this nerd into a locker i think