He and Sebastian Payne are having a good old chuckle at the reaction to this piece.

Next up: why criticism of the media for being a closed shop is 100% wrong.


evergreen meme describing uk centrism:


Zoe Williams is a centrist now?


i mean the headline, don’t know what her politics are tbh. afaik they don’t write the headline.


Saw this on Twitter, assumed it was a parody.

Reader, it was not:


i know i shouldn’t let it get to me but practically every sentence of this article has left me fuming


wtf does the last line even mean?!


I wondered that too.


It’s supposed to be a reference/‘joke’ to the Bill Clinton mention earlier in the article but even then it barely makes sense.


But even those past-midnight plays of Last Nite – as predictable a part of any uni party as a girl sobbing over the debate team member with James Spader hair

Who says this paper is by and for the middle classes


It looks nothing like a knee either. Unless it was severely arthritic


tbf i had a blood clot once and that’s what it looked like


Phenomenal url though:



In the first paragraph they diss Fitbits, then they write a whole article about why you shouldn’t focus on 10,000 steps and look at other measures, failing to mention that Fitbits also measure active minutes, how long you’ve been sedentary for, how good your sleep is, how much exercise you’ve done all week, what your heart rate is, how many flights of stairs you’ve walked up…


i mean, surely the only reason to dispel 10,000 steps ‘goal’ is if it was actively unhealthy? surely no one thinks that simply doing 10,000 steps a day is enough to make you a perfectly healthy human being, but it’s a bit stupid to discredit it as something to aim for besides


I made the mistake of reading this whole article and I was SO irked. It’s a guide! Something to inspire people to be more active! ffs!


Yeah, it’s ridiculous. “Is walking 10,000 steps per day better on average than not doing so? Yes.” Article done!


Which they essentially (it’s obviously awful) already published 18 months ago

Except it doesn’t, obviously, because the thrust of Hager’s presentation seems nitpicky. Yes, a flat 10,000-step goal doesn’t take things such as age or length of stride into consideration. And, yes, simply walking for a few miles each day won’t be as good for you as a focused, closely monitored exercise and nutrition plan that has been created for your specific lifestyle. But it still means you’re walking a few miles a day, and that has to count for something. You’re still being compelled to move around where otherwise you were not. And, so long as you’re not banking on it to turn you into an Olympic-level athlete, any movement is better than none at all. Meanwhile, at last count, inert sanctimony doesn’t burn very many calories at all, which means that I’m screwed.

I suppose the thing for me about the 10k is that it’s about additionality. I walk to and from work, which takes about 25 minutes each way. If that’s it from me on a weekday, then I tend to hit 7-8000. So getting over the 10k mark requires I do a little something extra. So maybe I’ll walk to the cinema instead of getting a bus, or go to the supermarket that’s a little further away.

I’m under no impression that it’s going to lose me any weight or whatever, but just know that I have to a little extra, and actually doing that little extra, are nice things to do.


Don’t tell the Guardian, but I’ve got my Fitbit set to do 12,000 steps not 10,000! :open_mouth: