That’s actually worse that 10,000


Exactly the same here. My commute accounts for about 7,000 steps, so to hit 10 I need to play a couple of games of table tennis and take a decent walk at lunch. It’s obviously better I do those than sit at my desk for another hour.


I always make sure I do 10001, just to be on the safe side.

But come on guys, the article doesn’t “diss fitbits” or the concept of doing 10K steps per day. It’s actualy quite an interesting description of the history and origins of that target and a discussion of what research there is into the health benefits of regular walking at various tempos and for various lengths of time.


This is hardly a ringing endorsement:

You can barely walk down the street without someone stomping past you wearing a FitBit … It has become a global obsession

When has describing anyone stomping ever been a good thing?

In the first paragraph they’re confusing the sophisticated devices that people wear now with basic pedometers that you could have got 25 years ago, and in doing so giving the impression to people who don’t know about them that they don’t offer much value.




You think using the words “stomping” and “obsession” are positive? Let’s agree to disagree :man_shrugging:


I don’t give a shit whether the author has hurt your feelings by accusing you of stomping. The article is about the 10K step target, not wearable fitness trackers and the mugs who wear them.


And the award for pettiest beef of 2018 goes to…


Calm down @colinfilth! My feelings aren’t hurt. Why the angry retorts?


I normally walk about 10,000 steps a day because I’ve nothing else to do. my new phone has a pedometer

I’ve definitely lost a fair amount of weight this year, I suspect it’s at least partially because I don’t eat enough. I weighed myself at the weekend, around 53 kg. I would not say I was a healthy person

I have not read the article


Username / post.





Oh man she’s normally so great :frowning:


Yeah, quite disappointed. I do normally enjoy her columns but I was just so angered when I read it.


There’s not even a coherent line of argument here, it’s just - I like my church mates, we’re all every upset at the abuses -> the church is a force for good? also lol at the idea that this is all just some unfortunate business that’s cropped up in recent years rather than being inherent to the whole institution



Dawn Foster’s catholic? Well that’s a shock she’s literally never mentioned it.

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