If love is the answer
What was the question
Can you cure my indigestion, BAYYYYYBOIIII


“Jack Bernhardt is a comedy writer”


*somebody’s mate’s son


But then you start to notice the biscuit is the snack of choice at a truly worrying number of events involving Holocaust deniers, and you start to get a bit worried. What’s more, when you mention this upsetting fact to fans of the sugarless biscuit, they tend not to take it on board, but instead accuse you of never liking the sugarless biscuit in the first place. You’ve been looking for an excuse to eat a Hobnob since 2015. If you like a bit of chocolate on your biscuit, piss off and join the (Rotary) Club. And you say, “No! I still like a lot of what the sugarless biscuit stands for! I still think there’s a better version of the sugar-filled society that’s killing us all that we have right now! But I just think that there must be a way to eat those biscuits without condoning racism!”

lol nothing matters at all does it


I’d forward it to the Heavy Handed Satire thread but that would make all future nominations a crushing disappointment


How are they all so fucking smug and stupid at the same time? Just seems like there’s a never-ending supply of these dipshits.


Phenomenally shameless take from a woman who spends every free minute harassing and bullying trans people.




A majority of people living outside of London (56%) said they had pride in London as the capital city of the UK, while just over a quarter (28%) say they were not proud. Expressions of pride drop significantly in Scotland and Wales (44% in Wales, and 39% in Scotland)

It’s… almost like… those places have their own capitals?

What a weird thing to poll.


It IS a weird thing to poll. I can see why somebody might have pride in their own city, because it’s a place they’ve contributed to and chosen to spend their life, but I really wouldn’t understand the question if somebody asked me if I had any pride in London. Nowt to do with me is it? Ask me if I’m proud of somebody else’s kids while you’re at it.


Not really the fault of the Gaurdian, though, that - it’s not like they commissioned the poll or anything.


It’s not that odd. London is regarded as one of the great cities of the world by many, many people.


yeah but feeling “pride” in a city is weird, like i feel proud when i do something good, i don’t feel proud of a collection of buildings


A city isn’t just a collection of buildings.


i mean i like london, when i go, and i would recommend it to someone, but…idk, pride is a different thing to me.


Success. All London’s. Done all on its own. In London. By London. Ruddy gruddy decent honest hard-working productive London. Successful London. London that earns it’s keep and is worthy of investment. In transport. And national institutions, headquarters and organisations. Investment. Not the subsidies. The free money. From London. That the ungrateful, jealous, scumproles in the awful grey provinces waste away.

Needlessly defensive? Nah. Necessarily on the attack.


Had a very enjoyable ten day holiday in London this summer. Great stuff.


Kind of a bit needlessly defensive too.


Defence AND attack? Like John Barnes’ England?


What a fucking simpleton