I know nobody likes Steve Bell, but look what happens when he goes on holiday/draws something racist





I know it’s a Zoe Williams column, but even for her it’s just a lot of unconnected sentences thrown together. Literally doesn’t make a lick of sense.


She nearly had a point when she mentioned younger and older feminists being pitted against each other. Nearly.


When do we get to invoke the needlessly defensive thing?




Thanks man, I like to check.

(Also kinda nice to know you’re a northerner)


Yeah and itd be fucking weird if they were proud of it too, while not being from there.




pretty weird, lads

It is important to note here that there is no strict legal definition of stalking

always a good sign when you need to include this clarification in an article you’ve written


(really wanted to post the relevant Limmy’s Show ‘following a stranger’ clip but it’s been blocked on youtube)


I’d be pretty spooked if I discovered someone was following me. Even more so if they turned out to be a drama school student.


Meanwhile, for those too anxious to follow people, there is an alternative: Morris has tried following dogs – although that usually means following their owners, too.

“Flies, birds, cats,” suggests Smith. “I’m more interested in following animals these days.”



Most people are just going to be going somewhere dead banal. So you start following a stranger and just end up down the shops or an office building or some flats where they live. Or a fucking bus stop. Rubbish and creepy idea.


Are we okay to post things we actually kind of enjoyed?


Is that the guy who did the photo album of Cardiff at night?


No idea pal, this is the first time I’ve heard of him.


This is really something. Not only does Williams basically excuse all her recent bullshit by blaming it on health kick…she also effectively labels all cyclists as Tories.


I for one am happy to be on the same page as the Guardian again.