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I have now read that 3 times and come out of it more confused each time. Think I’d successfully managed to avoid reading a Zoe Williams column for at least a year or so before this.


why would the party of labour, the labour party, be so concerned about the working class

fucking muppet


typical guardian/observer take tho innit, working class people cannot by definition work in offices, only in a salt mine or rubber factory, after which they go home to beat their spouses and drink cider made out of scratch cards


That’s it. Fuck this ridiculous pointless newspaper. Finally going to cancel my app subscription. Anyone know any good crossword apps?


just read this, found it quite beautiful and moving.

"I feel utterly at home walking in the landscape, wherever that landscape is. I don’t need to be told by a government, ‘This is your home.’ The ground beneath my feet sanctifies my belonging in this world – not the passport given to me by a country.”

I feel this way when I am walking in nature too.


I literally only use it for the crossword and the football cartoons now. Useless otherwise.


what the everloving fuck is this?


hope they make her a regular columnist. look forward to her thoughts on Fifa 19 next week


to be fair, her facial expression in the photo is the kind of face I’d make if I was asked to look at the Tory party,


to be fair, “Labour voters should vote Tory, actually” is a bold and convincing headline


Look forward to corbyn’s guest-editorship of the mail on tuesday.


Just utterly pathetic. What on earth is the point of them as a publication anymore?


Jfc. Imagine your key principles as a party being “security for families and the country, freedom under the rule of law”
Safety from scaremongering and nice,safe,lawful fun.
Also, her first criticism of the decline of the Labour Party in recent years is that “Antisemitism has grown”. If that isn’t the most cynical, facile cashing in on a current news story then fuck me. Literally a robotic moral void of a human.


i think they’ve finally accepted the lib dems are dead forever and that this new centre party is a pipe dream. i think an institution like the guardian, with its particular strand of liberal ideology, does not want a viable left wing government, especially one led by corbyn. so in this situation i guess they will tend towards laundering may’s wing of the tory party and trying to normalise some pretty hard right ideology, ultimately aiming to declare this the new liberal centre. i suppose this was always coming - freedland and d’ancona in particular have worked ceaselessly in CIF to legitimise may’s brand of conservatism - but it’s pretty bleak to see them beginning this shift wholesale.

then ofc there’s just the usual spectacular misjudgement of who actually reads them. i think even their own surveys show their readership is broadly left and generally supportive of corbynism. a savvier business model would have seen them transform into a blend of a kind of centrist social democratic jacobin mag and the greenwald/monbiot style investigative work they used to do so well as soon as corbyn was elected leader in 2015. they’re being run by numpties tbh.


Think I might be done with the Guardian.

They’ve always had columns by Tory politicians. Cameron got a regular spot to chunder bullshit out of his blowhole. But the fact that they’ve given May a platform to do this right after the party conferences, in the run-up to Brexit, after all the evil shit that the Tories have pulled since getting into power, loads of which May is personally responsible for implementing… It’s astoundingly poorly judged and I don’t see how it can possibly be justified.

The comments aren’t open on the article which is something they’ve been doing more and more whenever they look to criticise Corbyn or have a Tory write a piece. Seems to line up with the fact that the leadership’s views are significantly more left than the Guardian’s own columnists and likely to savage them for it.


That reminded me of when I write an essay and I’ll write something really rushed and shit so I can get to the next bit and then come back to it later


Should say “readership’s views”, obviously


The mirror should expand their arts and lifestyle sections and DESTROY THE GUARDIAN.


I mean, they did give Erdogan a column. Not much of a leap from there is it.