Utter utter cunts. Especially when they brush off the fact that several countries have already introduced it with no problems with “but we just don’t know yet”


Also isn’t this comment regarding democrats is a pretty old one, isn’t it? I’m sure I’ve seen that suggested back when Obama was first elected?


are they basing that claim of people using their trans status to abuse women on any evidence? i see it everywhere


I’m quitting Facebook, and this is the straw that broke the camel’s back!


I mean, you could have harnessed government to the cause of progress and optimism I guess.



guardian columnist bingo?

“Here’s how”
“Both the radical left and the radical right”
“What of…”
“To be sure”
“Yet the left said nothing about Assad”
“Consider this:”
“Of course, there are some who say”
“I fear”
“We will remember that in 1913”
“European demagogue”
“Both Corbynistas and Trump supporters”

will add more as i think of them


Cristiano Ronaldo’s six greatest games at Old Trafford

Stop glorifying a rapist.


This is the end of it for me. Absolutely one of the most disgusting things I’ve even seen in the national press.


Wow. Did you see this amazing mess inthereplies


actually in disbelief here. replayed it just to make sure what she said was as batshit and offensive as i thought, that i wasn’t overreacting. what she said is even worse on second viewing.


Jesus christ :0


I’ve seen at least 6 different journalists, two of whom are at the Guardian, trying to pin the Pittsburgh shooting on Corbyn.


Just the lowest of the low, pure scum behaviour.


it’s the length at which she talks that is the tell, for me - you could argue it was just a slip if she said, “oh labour have also experienced an antisemitism row, it is a growing problem” and then moved on, but that little speech is clearly something she had planned.

also she’s now on twitter pretending people are sending her abusive emails.


Consequences for the awful things they say is always the same as abuse for these people.


This is interesting.

Neatly shows the divide that exists between liberals in the US and those in the UK on this issue, and I think demonstrates how much of the Terf agenda has been driven by our self-appointed gatekeepers.


Human thesaurus clutches pearls: don’t need to go any further than the header tbh


the Festival of Dangerous Ideas



The Festival Of Dangerous Ideas was aptly named, as it seemed to be a place where everyone argued in favour of the pre-2016 status quo.