i remember when Fry used to be the most irritating person on social media, seems almost quaint now…more innocent times.





Poppy Noor.


the ultimate troop respecter


I know her name is easy to take assumptions from, and this maybe overeggs things a little, but she’s not your typical Guardian columnist:


I think we’ve reached peak gammon, but I’ve never seen it as a “racist” word, given I’ve used it as a catch all for absolutely anyone expressing right wing views loudly, aggressively and stupidly, from Duterte to Kanye. I’m easing off now as it’s a very fine cut of meat and when I’m having din dins I don’t want to be effectively eating the face of a Lily Allen Twitter bully with F1 in their bio.


Its almost as if the word has been simplified to suit the means of the article…


I shouldn’t make assumptions based on people’s names and headlines anyway. The one time I do it turns out they’re a working class hero.


Oh I know, I just wanted somewhere to explain my gammon obsession.


Gammon Offspring track?


I’d say this is an understatement. It’s only a few steps away from the “legitimate concerns” brigade


the centrist dad and gammon moment feels like it happened 10 years ago


I meant the profile of her in the Mirror.


As you were


Just came to post this. Genuine fucking farce.


There is ultimately something quite sinister about a member of the public who has taken umbrage with someone … being able to have their disdain acted out via the strong arm of institutional power.

So actually it’s FINE that my student neighbours where having a party at 2am on Monday morning last week :grimacing:


And with the kids on this one Rob, sorry. Try some noise-cancelling headphones.


No. Why on earth should I have to? Why would the onus not be on them to act in a reasonable manner?

Do what you like in halls, but to act like that when you move in next door to a family with a toddler is incredibly selfish.


as someone who was driven half-insane by my neighbour’s persistant snoring and loud TV late at night over the summer - i mean both were so loud the gf and i were being woken up at 2 in the morning, operating on a handful of hours sleep every day, feeling miserable and exhausted and fighting with each other all the time - i am very much on your side here, rob. i tried to be nice about it and resolve it like a grown up, and he chose to be an absolutely aggressive and unpleasant prick who would avoid me but ambushed my 5’ 4" gf on her way home from work several times telling her we were the ones with the problem. we ended up going to the council in the end, and the snoring and TV volume he said “didn’t have an overnight fix” ended as soon as they sent him a letter about our complaint.

honestly don’t know how i would have coped if i’d had a young un during the worst of it. music must be even worse too.