Have you tried talking to them? Surely you can get them to agree to only party on the weekend, or at least tell you when they’re going to do it.

It’s just that my instinctual reaction is along the lines of what you just posted - only get the authorities involved if you absolutely have to. The law/government can be extremely unpleasant if it’s directed against young people at the behest of the older and better off (not that I’m saying you necessarily are).


Coco Khan is a Guardian columnist and feature writer, and has never had bad neighbours.

FTFY, graun.




The New York Times’ take on it the other day was even worse:


Not the guardian but its of the ilk


mental idea for an article


‘What if the bear woke up and simply ripped the rabbit’s head off?’


I know this thread is designed to shit all over the Guardian (and boy do they deserve it sometimes), but I found the linked article really good, as are many of the “Long Read” articles lately.