You appear to be making the mistake of thinking that they’re actually criticising economics and its
interaction with politics in any serious, rigorous fashion


Wrong pic. That’s Billy Corgan aged 20.


aye everyone knows things were really in black and white in those days. it’s misleading to make it into colour so that it looks like now times.


So it seems to retire early you just need to be able to save at least the average annual salary every working year? Why did no-one tell us until now



There’s definitely a genre of this sort of sincere brow furrowing over the most stupid vacuous shit



Say what you want about the Gruniad but you cannot deny they’ve got their fingers bang on the cultural pulse.



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I don’t have BDE. I own the Hamilton soundtrack and anybody who owns that can’t have it.

where is the lie tho MB?


I’ve got a big penis


I very much recommend that you don’t read this and just assume that it’s as bad as you think.


There should be a word for the anguished wince when you realise a guardian journalist’s going to try to be funny


Syri, sum up the Guardian’s opinion section in two sentences please.


hahahahaha :joy:


this is pretty classist and a rubbish way of highlighting and exploring the issues of poverty.



I didn’t heed the warning

I regret that



Don’t think it’s too bad? These are case study photos a charity is using to do some public affairs/policy influencing around child poverty.

Worked back in the day with Nick Hedges and Shelter.