are they?

maybe it’s just the way they’re presented in that article, shorn of context.


This is one of the most misguided things I’ve ever started and then abandoned reading.

I had to check that this wasn’t written in the 90s.


i knew i was right to stop reading that prat’s articles around eighteen months ago. Everything he writes is unmitigated shite.


Have basically stopped buying the print edition these days, including The Observer.

If I could get the Review section from the Saturday edition and New Review section from the Observer in one paper I’d probably still buy it but that’s it. Fucked if I can lash out €4.00 on what is basically lining for the cat’s litter box any more.


“modern-day London is basically intolerable”

I would’ve thought that line at least would get a bit more sympathy on DiS.



Heritage: “Eastenders shouldn’t try to be like real life because it’s a soap opera”
Drooling Twitter doofus: “Ha ha you’re such an idiot, there are LOTS of gay bars in Walthamstow.”



Well this is depressing.


Fairly certain she just reposts this one every year


it’s pretty hilarious when it’s laid out that starkly tho tbh. they’re so cynical and underhand. and wrong about everything, that really needs to be emphasised.


david davis, the hard, street smart working class boy who the effete technocrats in brussels, erm, repeatedly referred to as “soft” and “a moron” before they bullied him out of a job (I’m sure mike would say he resigned on a point of principle but come on) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Kind of annoys me that this is essentially capitalizing on some concerns people actually have about going into gyms.

In reality no one cares if you’re lifting weights wrong, everyone is far more concerned with looking at themselves.


the reply to this letter is all kinds of gross


But isn’t he populist? I mean is it only that he’s not been described as ‘fascist’ or is this part of the issue around how people view the term as discussed in the Trump thread just now?

(And also I assumed ‘radical’ can be used for right wingers trying to collapse progressive policy too.)

Anyway, no real desire to defend the Guardian particularly but that Economist headline (and I presume the article given it’s literally a fascist rag) was properly fucked up.


That’s really spectacular in its horror.

I actually can’t finish the article. It already seems to have got to a point where it’s saying “Poor working class white people aren’t ever gay”.

Now MY recollection of Eastenders in the 80s was an episode where a gay character finally reached the age of homosexual consent (was it 18 or 21 back then? Not sure but think it was 21) and in his drunken celebration goads a copper about how he can do anything he wants and the police can’t stop him now. I mean am I misremembering this, anyone? I know I saw this scene I’m sure it was in Eastenders. Hmm…


This guy?


whenever they discuss eastenders storylines dealing with the issues i always think of the day today bureau de change



It seems fairly sensible to me? Seek therapy for the traumatic experience you had, seek to build a stable homelife in the short term and allow yourself to explore and experiment with your sexuality going forward… Is it some specific phrases you take issue with?


Maybe there was more in the original letter, but the reply seems to assume (a) that the woman involved is preoccupied with her sexuality at the expense of her child’s upbringing, and (b) that she has a bad relationship with the child’s father that must be repaired.

Nothing in the letter suggests either is the case. Also, I don’t know that exploring sexuality is only for those with “stable” lives, cos that would seem to exclude a lot of us.


Yeah, I take your point - I guess Mariella assumes a lot. And you’re totally right about the “stable” thing.


Yeah this.

“Hi Mariella, I’m suddenly questioning my sexuality, what should I do?”

Massively uncalled for and condescending.

If she must express concern, one little line saying “make sure raising your new baby remains the utmost priority in the process” or something would surely do.