Think the reply gets more sensible as it goes on but the first couple of paragraphs are horrible.


I mean maybe.

I didn’t watch Eastenders but there was a brief period where my mum did despite always being down on soaps so I presume I saw it then. Or else it was a particular clip on an awards show?


This Tweet’s description is spot on

I actually couldn’t finish reading it was so eyeball killing.


I’m going into the Guardian offices this week. Anything I should do?


Say hello to my mates?


lol oh my god, investigative journalist of the year here guys




she’s so close to asking to speak to his manager


Did well not to end the interview at that point tbh


Oh God, I was all ready to say Cadwalladr is good you shouldn’t quote things out of co-

Carole Cadwalladr: James, you’ve created a compelling work of fiction … Why did you make that up? It hasn’t happened.

James Graham: No, it hasn’t.


Yeah totally, I don’t have the contempt for her that any non-FBPE people seem to but this is weird and shocking. Maybe it was obviously very jokey in person but the transcription looks shit but she’s the one who transcribed it too, it seems…


Carole Cadwalladr’s twitter feed is as much of a dramatic act as James Graham’s teleplay. Discuss.


transparently so, very much in the oz keterji/eliot higgins mould of making themselves the central element of the narrative and inviting you, the reader, to witness their titanic struggle for truth and justice in a fallen and corrupt world.


Heh. Also doesn’t mean both things can’t be positives on balance of course.


oh sure, and to be fair to CC afaik she isn’t taking money from think tanks and state intelligence agencies the way the other two are. she also seems sincere in a way those two do not. she’s just a bit…misguided? a bit of a wally?


Yes. In a way that any SINGLE ISSUE person is. Also she’s uncovered some important stuff but treats seemingly every minor revelation as if it’s some sort of grand seering insight. Also you can dig into the legalities of and the behaviours of key actors within Vote Leave etc. but the big story remains the simplest - they won because they ran a more convincing campaign with more convincing messaging. Although the tightness of the result does mean that illegally gotten advantages could well have swung it. Would’ve been better if Leave had romped home at 66% or so to be honest, least then we’d know where we stood a bit more.


counterpoint: i don’t think any of us could deal with a world where nigel farage was riding high on 66% of the population agreeing with him, he’s bad enough at 52%


Yeah fair.


I mean I feel like if 66% of the population had voted leave there’s a decent chance that we’d have made a good go of leaving. By that I mean set a reasonable timetable like 8 years in which there would be a lot of work done to hammer out something that worked or at least be prepared for the future? The problem here is the margin was so narrow all the Brexiteers are acting from their position of fear that it won’t happen and have been all along, plus the knowledge that a GE could change things entirely.

Without that fear a Brexit situation could likely have been ruled by better minds in any case.

Ah well.


this is all also fair