More convincing lies.


Also by all accounts Remain also overspent, had dodgy money behind them, and had the entire apparatus of government supporting them. Weirdly that doesn’t get as more coverage in the Guardian.


The gall of running a piece like this AFTER their ridiculous “populism” takeover is astounding:


was trying to remember when i first heard of her - found it




Good to see the guardian is now basically running headlines that would be at home in The Sun


the idea that a journalist for the guardian is saying people are too mollycoddled is very hilarious


They’re not journalists, they’re academics who wrote/helped write a book about this sort of thing, which the Guardian actually gave a fairly scathing review of.

But clickbait is clickbait.


i should probably have read the article i guess


I wouldn’t bother tbh


This is total bullshit based on so many false assumptions.
The whole notion that kids don’t engage in free play etc.
Guess if kids were riding 30 miles from home aged 8 and jumping off viaducts more, which definitely was happening before and definitely isn’t happening now and is the crux of the issues we see today, it would offset the whole high pressure,poverty and low support society we increasingly inhabit.
Also just the notion that ‘tough love’ comes anyway close to the benefits of secure attachment etc…this is victorian nonsense


yep, 100%. bizarre that the guardian is publishing this shite but it’s clearly for clicks alone


I know this thread is for when they’re being dicks but this week’s Blind Date is amazing


That second image answers the long-restating question of how that seventeeth-rate Charlie Brooker clone got to his position.

Can’t wait for his anthology series ‘Technology Actually Being A Bad Thing’


That is actually brilliant.




So Joanne is my best mate’s recent ex, and the ugly estranged cat mentioned is his cat… and he definitely doesn’t know about this article.

What’s the etiquette again for telling your best mate his ex has had a brilliant date in a national newspaper?



just tell him. he’s gonna hear about it from somewhere. be gentle.


Yeah, I’m going to have to. Oh boy, he is going to be so sad…


Didn’t think the original was that good, but they still had to go and ruin it, didn’t they