hope the pregnant women toiling in amazon warehouses into their 3rd trimester cos they’re terrified of being fired if they ask for time off remember to retweet jill’s article with an appropriate beyonce gif


Can I pretend buzzfeed is the guardian for a moment.





what level of brainworms is this


What I find interesting about this is how no one reacts this defensively unless they feel they’re morally compromised, which tells you everything about what’s wrong with them. I mean if you thought there was no problem with working for these publications then you’d just say he was full of shit or something.


exactly, and making accusations of privilege to bolster yr position just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

noticed you putting the boot in on that thread too, nice :wink:


Bit cringe how they wrote an article about their own article, and the fact that they talk about the ‘best ever’ Blind Date column as if there was any competition

Almost all of them are just Tarka Sackville-Baggins, social media marketer, met with Ceremonial Jackson, who works in social marketing, at an avant-eatery in London where the waiters take your order by overhearing your conversations (founded by a social media entrepreneur who felt such guilt at having “killed the art of conversation” that he decided to monetise it). Both went hungry because they didn’t talk about anything other than social media marketing. Did they kiss? No, because all available analytics suggested that it would impact poorly on conversion rates.

And then all the comments are people saying “I thought this was a NEWSpaper” and “I didn’t realise I’d logged into the OK Magazine website har har” and something about freeing Tommy Robinson


can you parse this?


It’s still going on and it’s so great. The guardian thread and the fascism thread should be merged tbh.


I posted something on Twitter about this (as a former journalist who left newspapers because I didn’t want to do that shit anymore) and Brusma of all people jumped in my mentions with some feeding their families weirdness.


It’s touched a nerve.


That fucking thread lol. Somehow it turns into “really this is censorship” ffs


It’s so disingenuous and entitled to think you can only work for a paper if your background is in journalism. I’ve had a pretty long and varied career in content management off the back of my NCTJ.


Exactly. I worked happily for a trade magazine before moving into marketing. Most of these outraged journos are dreaming of being fucking restaurant critics and commentators anyway, don’t give me this bullshit about the noble art of reporting the truth.


yeah, that’s a bit wild isn’t it?

I find it hard to comment on this whole thing, despite having fairly strong opinions, because I have always had a privilege of choice in this sort thing.

That being said, I do find it a bit disingenuous when people mortgage their future good deeds against being involved in a bad project. Happier if someone just owns it and says “I wanted a career, I held my nose, I’m not proud of it but there you go”.

Also the impact of journalism, the press, news, media etc is so far reaching, wide ranging and potentially damaging that it is hard not to consider this particular career as a bit of a special case in that regard. Yes we all work under an unfair system, but some jobs have more impact in keeping it that way. And if you’re hoping to make up for it once you’re established - see above.


good guardian journos?

monbiot is cool, he’s lost the plot a bit over the middle east but his analysis of corporate power and the environment is superb. always learn something from george.
owen jones too.
gary young.
abi wilks, but she’s quit journalism potentially forever iirc.


Aditya Chakrabortty has done some good stuff too I think (dunno what he’s like more recently, since I more or less gave up reading beyond headlines)


Available from all good adult catalogues.


he is still good