glad to hear it!


Had a quick look at their opinion journos, and sadly the only name that jumps out to me is Antony Loewenstein.


Yeah bit of a shame - didn’t like Wilks initially but she was much improved I thought by the time she racked off. Reckon in about 5 years or so she’d be a real powerhouse of a columnist.


misread this as “communist” at first :sweat_smile:


Ha yeah imagine that, first step - move to the USA!


Given that all journalists for right wing papers appear to actually be hardline socialists trying to make an honest buck, they should probably put their feet down and take over the editorial direction of their employers


he’s been agitating for a military coup. i think you can get the death penalty for that in the states.


For me the main disconnect here is how Hannah and ‘her crew’ have completely shifted the argument into “Oh poor us, having to make a living working for wankers” to try to make themselves feel better about their moral choices. They’ve turned it into a “we are all just trying to live in society” thing which isn’t really the point.

Tabloid papers are awful and it’s pretty clear they’re bad to everyone, but I would 100% expect the people who own the company who employ me are putting money in the pockets of right-wing political parties. It’s just no one knows or cares who I work for, the evil stuff they do isn’t obvious.

But what she did with that Tweet was try to reposition herself and others as morally good because they were trying not to starve to death. As if we weren’t all trying exactly that. Either live more virtuously but with less security or accept your security but don’t try to claim a moral high ground when you do that.


Is this real or one of their sketch things??? Either way…

Deller has a favourite T-shirt: “John&Paul&George&FuckBrexit”. “I really ought to get one to Paul McCartney,” he says. “He’s totally engaged with the world, his heart is in the right place on so many other issues. I’m sure he would wear it if needs be. That might be what it takes.”

Oh wow


What the fuccccckkkk




That might be… what it takes? :’D


Awww. Jeremy Deller curated a really good exhibition at Modern Art Oxford a couple of years ago that juxtaposed Andy Warhol with the Arts & Crafts movement, so I’m just gonna ignore this post if that’s alright…


Hannah is 100% in the wrong, and pretty much sums up the gormless turbo centrist wide eyed idiocy of the media class.

I do ALSO however love the bellends making up mates who ‘turned down a job at the Sun’

They then get asked ‘wait why did they apply?’ and shit the bed.

“Oh erm well actually they HAD to see but then they erm thought no I am moral and also they are totally a real person btw”


“May cancels Brexit in dramatic U-turn after clocking Sir Paul’s t-shirt”


If he accidentally sends it to Bez we get a technocracy. James Blunt: anarchic wasteland


Then political accessorising fell way out of fashion, until now. Anti-Trump sloganeering dominated the last New York fashion week, while we have anti-Brexit merch.

Quietly glossing over Trump’s own red hats I see


Ringo has come out as a defiant Brexiteer tbf.


finally someone with the audacity to stand up and say what we’re all thinking