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It’s not all doom and gloom in the old ivory tower - this is an amazing headline


I fucking hate this style of article they do (but yes I read (most of) it… damn you workplace boredom)



Do you ever read the Guyliner’s GBD reviews?


It’s one of my biggest regrets that he started doing this AFTER my GBD.





Wasn’t it Frankie Says Relax not Frankie Say?

Shit regardless I guess


FuckBrexit isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles


No, Frankie was a band. Apparently that was a way to tell if someone was wearing a fake back then (it would have “says” printed on it).


Ah right gotcha


Think you need to consciously uncouple from old versions of Windows, m8.1!!!


Not sure if this is the right thread really but thought this was a good piece

I don’t agree with the author on everything but think he does a good job of expressing some concerns without being judgmental. I find it confusing that so many people who have typically ‘progressive’ politics frame euthanasia as a black and white progressive issue.


The thought of euthanising people with dementia who don’t really understand what is happening is genuinely making me feel very sick.

The whole debate has been framed terribly by prominent voices on both sides.

Probably should have put this elsewhere sorry.


Last year, Israel’s use of live ammunition against protesters at the Gaza frontier rightly made big news, as did the presence of antisemitism within Labour’s ranks.

what a cunt



That’s like being put off writing for The Guardian by the fact that some of the stuff published by The Guardian is utter shite


wonder how many columnists have been replaced by AI. at least 70%. can’t believe people get paid for that, genuinely aggrieved.


yeah it’s really odd that a lot of people list it up alongside e.g. being pro-choice on abortion and completely ignore the fact that loads of disabled people are against it because they are worried about what it will mean for them


was it against gamergate? or the “worst of gaming culture”, or the vague umbrella term of “online toxicity”? or was it to send a very specific fuck you to the bigots who tried to destroy a children’s charity with a coordinated campaign of hate? some of whom are employed by the guardian and were publicly wrecked when they tried to talk down to AOC in her mentions? idk, linehan was mentioned only in passing, hadley freeman not at all. weird.