Don’t think any paper journalists are really online enough to keep up with this kind of thing tbh


Spot on.



Apparently she had a blow out to one of her tyres…


Thought it was a good article overall, but blaming the transphobia on ‘the tabloid press’ while paying freeman and bindel is absolutely fucking taking the piss.


They’re an odd omission in today’s otherwise excellent interview as well:


the more you find out the weirder it is that people think the guardian is a bastion of liberal values

like almost all their columnists are crypto


Anybody else find this right odd?

This geezer has some pretty banal domestic grievances going on, so he anonymously moans about them in the paper instead of tackling them in his life. Don’t get why it’d be published, it’s not exactly that interesting and it just feels dead awkward to have this sort of window into a stranger’s grouches, especially when it’s a completely one-sided diatribe blaming all his woes on everybody else.


Do you think those letters are real


Easy way to make a few quid, just making up some mad shit to moan about


imagine all the budding writers out there writing stuff for no money to develop their profile while someone’s getting paid actual money for writing this shite


I think you’ve just given me a new hobby


I hate this article. I read it when it came out and I hated it then, and I still hate it now. Firstly, why would you set up your fucking argument being all, “Oh, people judge you for being a late-in-the-day person” and then immediately judge people who wake up early? I fucking love the daytime, I like getting up early and enjoying my day. If you like the night, then that’s fine too. This idea that all the exciting things happen after dark is such teenage wanker bullshit it makes me really, really, quite angry. “Oh, the day is for working, and suits, and rain, and boring stuff. At night, I can get drunk and partay.” Fucking newsflash, you CAN get drunk in the daytime if it’s that important to you, lots of people work at night, grow the FUCK up.



yeah, I get loads more cool creative stuff I like doing done since I stopped taking that juvenile “oh yeah only the heppest countercultural cats do all their creative stuff at 2 in the morning while necking benzedrines” as gospel*

*taking it gospel as in assuming you can only write and stuff at night and not in the day, I have never done anything at 2 in the morning while necking benzedrines


i agree with the crux of it tbh because i’m someone who struggles to go to bed at night - everything just suddenly becomes infinitely fascinating when you should really be sleeping instead. i’m lucky enough to have a job where i can come in when i like but the early risers who scoff at the idea of getting up late as they’re incapable of factoring in the fact that you might have gone to bed later than them, and who wear ‘getting up early’ as an incredibly dubious badge of honour, are very irksome people.

it’s fairly pish as an article though. been done before and it’s so short as to render it a completely pointless piece of writing. guessing it was hastily scribbled out an hour before a deadline.


Yeah, different sleeps for different… Needs. I don’t see why anyone would judge anyone for it. I particularly don’t see why this article needs to exist, and why it has to adopt that particular pose of, “Ooh, I’m a special night person.” Nope, you’re just a night person. Some people wake up earlier than others. That’s the only insight you can glean.


tbf I should note I’d also have beef with an article about anything thinking their routine is really remarkable and incredible like

“i get up at 3 in the morning and go to bed at 11 in the morning after using wearable tech to simultaneously jog and be an active figure in the international arms trade”

“hey hold on to your hats SQUARES but I take drugs and write articles about how - and I hope you’ve put a seatbelt on - a centrist ideology based around propping up the free market is what a PROPER rock and roll singer would do”

“I have a normcore sleeping routine, I’m doing it ironically so I can do my instagram about work culture”


what’s up with Guardian writers and sitting at the back of bus being proper rebs


honestly couldn’t give a shit about what keith richards or calvin harris have to say even if they were pissed out of their skulls