She now earns three to four times more than when she was a “starving artist”, but she says she is terrified to walk at night. She no longer rides scooters and says she feels “triggered” when she sees them around the city.

How awful for them… Alexa play despacito


I’m not sure the point of these advertorials, but this one is an abomination…

This is not creepy in the slightest

Also, the replies to the the tweet :grinning:

Yes officer, that’s Gregory, G-R-E-G-O-R-Y. If you would, thank you.

oh great just another boring blind date article, oh they went out and had a drink did they and then one of them had an anecdote… yeah yeah whate–

I talked a bit about hauntology

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I thought this week’s couple sounded quite fun.

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I want to be blind third wheel

Looked up the Wikipedia page to find out what this was, and it’s got this in the middle


Love a bit of shade from Wikipedia editors

(They both sound awful)

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just to clarify, I wholeheartedly approve of talking about hauntology on a date

I’m melancholic for a future that never happened where it is the main topic of conversation for the participants of blossoming romances


actually fascinates me that there’s a dearth of applications from straight men. i would have thought that would have been the strongest demographic to sign up!

I applied when I was single but never heard anything back. Probably because I wasn’t from *that* London.

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Amazed that he had this au pair in his house for 2 years and never found out what her name is

They probably just called her “the au pair”

Seriously considerd it for a mo then, then remembered I’d have to have my photo in the guardian

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Likeable people in Guardian Blind Date shock.

I want to know what he said about hauntology