Private Eye update, chucked em when we moved :neutral_face:

Might have to ask me Dad see if he still has em cause this story will wind me up.

I do remember this article, fwiw. Lady Marquess Marina III doesn’t like Owen Jones and a number of the op eds want to force him out like they did Butler (not to mention a couple of trans workers), which is hardly surprising.

briefly hijacking to wider media news to share this gem:

the richest man in the world shut them down so ofc the whiny little bootlickers turn their fire on their readership

really struggling to think of any MSM outlet that is actually any good tbh. wapo, nyt, bbc, guardian, cnn, all garbage propaganda lying on the daily.


Posted without comment (even though I really want to)

I know I shouldn’t pay close attention to these lists but putting both Louis CK and Aziz Ansari on this list (and especially the accompanying text justifying their inclusion)…yikes.

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I think we all know which list Louis CK should be on, and it ain’t this one

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Big fan of them posting that on a service designed to be read via the mediums they are blaming.

Pretty sure that Flat Earth News book implies there is actually money to be made from newspapers that can sustain a staff, but the owners aren’t prepared to do the work for that.


i read this really interesting dirt digging article explaining why the guardian is so shit now. can’t find it atm. they showed how the snowden fallout really spooked the hell out of them, literally, because they cleared out their investigative team and when the new uk editor came in the first thing she did was make better relations with MI5 a priority. they even took their seat on the press lobby the security services have, don’t remember its name, it’s relating to D notices, where spooks meet with the papers and tell them what to cover and what to keep quiet that week. so basically the guardian now run particular stories by MI5 and MI6 for approval now, usually stuff pertaining to the security services, corbyn, assange, iran/syria/libya/yemen, etc, and rewrite stories to fit the feedback they receive. then at the other end bill gates is funding them so they have that evil influence poisoning the water. it’s mad how they have no bottle anymore, i love it.

Yeah, I saw that one too. Can’t remember where it was though!

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Scrolled back through my likes for a bit


Ah, so now we know who is to blame for Ted being in the top 100 films of the 21st century


Imagine if they were as interested in e.g. promoting the world car free day thing as they are in snarking towards the labour left
bunch of absolute losers

While that might be true, most of their most shared bullshit comes from columnists who have been there decades. Pretty sure Mi5 don’t have to bother putting in the effort to make their columns any more terrible.

One of my least favourite parts of twitter is when some dickhead sports journalist shares the most recent excoriating piece from Marina Hyde.

(pretty sure you should be disqualified forever from writing smug snarky pieces if you were literally Piers Morgan’s one-time mistress, but hey)


Didn’t know she used to work for The Sun. Although I should have put 2 and 2 together.

probably some credit due for the long game the right has been playing in terms of infiltrating and subverting nominally liberal/left liberal media institutions

Are there any good news outlets these days?

Private Eye and Popbitch are the only ones I really trust and Private Eye I don’t trust that much.

The right wing have basically spent the last forty years screaming at every lib platform that they aren’t being balanced enough, whilst becoming ever more trenchantly extreme themselves. It’s a strategy that’s proven wildly successful.