“What if instead of focusing on all that could go wrong during pregnancy and birth, we focused on all that could go right?”

Errr it wouldn’t make a difference as ‘positive thought’ has no impact on if anything goes wrong during your pregnancy or not. I’m sure everyone would love to just think positively and assume everything will be fine but surely it’s just the reasonable thing to do to be prepared that it isn’t always the case.



Why doesn’t she just change the locks and tell her kids to go and fuck themselves?


I suppose they must be doing something right…

The best bit is when the Daily Mail disowns their own website.

Grenfell Tower

It is a really fucking awful cartoon but this reaction is hilarious. Hope the Guardian respond with a, “how we trolled the shit out of the Mail” piece.


What was the cartoon?

Also I like that the highlighted bit kind of admits that they also are fascist and purveyors of hate.


Imagine being so dedicated to making your audience terrified of everything, you’d attempt to scare them about a newspaper 161,000 people read and which gainfully employs Matthew D’ancona.



“TRIGGERED” as I think they would say.


The best thing about that cartoon is that it looks more like a Steve Bell one than a Rowson one. Almost like he’s delivering a big fuck you to everyone in one go.


I’m really enjoying his squirming lately. I guess they were looking to the long game when they hired him. I once improved the intellectual value of a page of the paper with his article on it by, I’d estimate, a few thousand per cent by sketching out a proof of Pythagoras’ Theorem underneath his byline photo for someone.


I’m really up for a load of needlessly defensive mud slinging from both papers tbh


“the RIGHT” can’t seem to make up their mind whether “the LEFT” are weedy crybaby snowflakes or brutal violent hate mongers at the minute.


Tbf I’m having the same problem with my thoughts about the right.


is it gonna be cheaper now it’s tabloid


i honestly can’t remember the last time i saw a physical copy of the grauni, halfway thought they’d gone online only already



And the most important and influential black person ever will be headlining tonight


love this post. check out pre-election ancona

then post:

ill-informed and clueless political pundit still cashing checks to the tune of 40k a year for his political punditry. careers like his are proof capitalism doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.


this is total bullshit however you feel about lad bible awfulness.