Gather round kids Adrian Chiles is about to write something

How the fuck is this an opinion piece? How is it words written for a newspaper website it’s 3 bloody paragraphs.

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“The best coffee business east of St Davids” covers probably 99% of coffee businesses in the UK

I think I read he’s travelling around Wales for a documentary no one asked for. Not sure why the Guardian are happy to print whatever he farts out whilst on his travels though.

Nice to see Coaltown get a mention in the Guardian I guess. They roast a good bean.

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It’s one of them great advertising for the business but, what opinion is he expressing in the article. There is more opinion in the headline than the few sentences he has cobbled together.

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He’s apparently in a relationship with the Guardian’s editor


Ah, I see. I could probably have Occam’s Razored my way to nepotism if it didn’t involve acknowledging Adrian Chiles as a sexual being.


My favourite thing about this rumour is that they were outed because Chiles took her to see the Baggies.

Something about taking somebody you fancy to the Hawthorns, shows you showing somebody your soul.

Also, Coaltown are not exactly new, if they were going to transform Ammanford into Seattle they’d have done it by now

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of all the awful shite he churns out i actually find this one quite charming

Happy to have a mere 3 paragraphs of Chiles vs Bridget Delaney on Guardian Australia. She really is dreadful.

Saw someone predicting how irksome it would be to see lib types who had slagged Corbyn relentlessly opining the fact that we need a Bernie Sanders in the UK. It boils the blood to see


I’m going to try to look my sexiest around newspaper editors so I can Chiles a living out of articlising my most mundane thoughts




They’re in the pocket of big Bush


It’s quite funny (now) that “liking Ken Livingstone” is put up as a defence against anything.

[And I’ll say it again for the record: if she’s not a Green I’ll eat my hat.]

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Aged 61, millionaire, tight lipped on her political leanings, try and tell me that’s not a Tory.


She spends far too much time saying she’s not a Tory to actually be not a Tory.

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She doesnt, other people do.

Guys I’m fully happy to concede she merely thinks that one of the most abominable heartless disgusting politicians who did real damage to the lives of the less fortunate and literally created a tax on falling in love with anyone non british is “the best thing that happened to us for a long time.”