I thought it was a good article, tbh.


Went to see Twelfth Night at the Globe on Friday. The bullying and humiliation of Malvolio is a classic example of the apparently modern version of ‘bantz’ that encompasses the humiliation of someone for the amusement of you and your mates. So nothing new then.


as a loose spin-off i went to college with this guy:

that article always does me because he was exactly how they describe him. nobody liked smoking weed with him.


I went to uni with him ha. He was a total knob.


I dunno. Pretty much any time I’ve seen the word banter or bants used it’s just been an excuse for behaving like a dick.


Yeah but that article.


Classic guardian


Are they planning on giving their editorial view on every single thing in the world


Article doesn’t quite hit the mark, but I’ve seen far worse.


to clarify - there’s nothing wrong with the general thrust of it. but a po-faced “long read” article about bellends being bellends?

fuck sake, thought you’d all be on my side here. I hate you all.


It’s not really po-faced though? It’s not exactly an academic treatise.




Columnists don’t write headlines. The Guardian subs are particularly bad at sticking emphatic headlines on pieces which don’t merit them. This is a classic of the genre:


The bloke who wrote the article mentions quite early on he was basically racially abused by these lads and that ‘banter’ was used as cover for it.


The cloud of smug is suffocating:

Really not sure what to resent the most about this one. Apart from anything else, it’s VERY badly written.

From the opening paragraph: “though, like me, does not write not about the news.” Why not just say “though he does write about the news”?


Think he just needed to get another ‘me’ in there



Isn’t this the complete and utter parcel who tried to walk to India without any money and got as far as Calais?




Got to admit, this is one of the funniest articles I’ve read in a long time…