i haven’t seen the letter but my understanding was that it was asking the Guardian to stop publishing transphobic bile

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Seems about right:

Holy shit. Fuck off:

I hope once society has managed to move on to the point where it’s treating transpeople the way it currently treats gay people, we can all remember what these liberal, well educated people with a platform were doing. Because they’ll all be busy creating a very large hole in their memories, and being media people they’ll be perfectly positioned to do it.


I really really hate Marina Hyde. I hate her so much. Every time she does a smug quip I wish someone would reply something like “yeah well that’s rich, coming from Piers Morgan’s former mistress” or whatever.

Turns out this pandemic is all about her and her media rivalries


Bit of downplaying transphobia buried in a piece about the fallout of the Salmond trial on the SNP

Weird how some individuals face ‘social media abuse’ for their views and others face ‘criticism’ eh.


Tbf I’m sure they have faced actual abuse, would put money on them having received hate speech or death threats. However, making that out to be the major or only type of comments directed at them is just a tiiiiny bit misleading


can’t do with her or the smirking pic on her CiF columns

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haha, a wounded karen wrote this article

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First they came for the gammons, and I said nothing because I had an excellent skincare regime

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As marckee (RIP) commented on Twitter, it’s not even accurate - the jokes about Philips were being made before she was even appointed.

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Soon, I had thousands of responses. Some were from people of colour, frustrated that the term’s original meaning had been lost and that two white women were denigrating a term they use to describe racism, and fair enough. But

probably should have stopped there really


A minor point. But. There’s a lot said about how these reactionary melts like Freemen are basically people who consider themselves progressives because they were in the context of the 1990s, and their politics remain firmly stuck there. And on that:

Well, as Jennifer Aniston would say, here’s the science bit.

Jennifer Aniston literally last said this in about 1997.


On astonishing form today/yday


since when have you had to sign in to read articles?

I don’t think you do, do you? I know they started a think where it looks like you do, but you can just piss the message off

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I dunno if it’s really cynical of me, but I can’t think of many things I’d want to support less than British journalism


unless support = make it less shit across the board

oh yeah just saw that, you can just hit ‘Not Now’

message is new though, and that they’re doing that fadeaway “walking away from rambling bloke in the pub” thing