Guardians top 20 Aardman films

Hmmmmmm :thinking:

Pretty sure number 3 should be number 1


not read the article but there’s only about 6 aardman films so it’s bullshit.

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These lists are relentless


LISTS! Each one more niche than the last!


Pretty fed up of ranking stuff now tbh

Astonishing effort by the guardian this week though to push the levels of tedium to get me over the line.


yeah they must be so sick of brexit pish that they’re just gonna make lists of fucking everything for a while.

Guardian’s top 50 characters of brexit

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Gulag for anyone who thinks Creature Comforts classifies as a film.

I was trying to come up with a spoof list to make fun of how specific they’re getting, but I think they’ve just done it for me with this one.

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From early experiments to…

ahm oot

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if I could be arsed i’d make a Guardian’s Top 20 Hardman Films parody thread but i can’t

Taking this semi-seriously, Chicken Run is great but not having a W&G number at the top just feels wrong. They are Aardman

The Top 20 lists are different from the Top 50 lists. They’ve been doing The Best of lists on Fridays for ages. This one is a very boring read though and @Lo-Pan is obviously right about the winner.

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Of the 20th and 21st centrury!

20 Danny Dyer films?

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My top 3 'ardman films:

  1. Predator
  2. Commando
  3. Universal Soldier.

Like fuck is Chicken Run better than anything with Wallace and Gromit in it, Arthur Christmas, or the Shaun the Sheep Movie. Jesus fucking CHRIST, a pox on everyone involved in this.

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Not really much of a fan of Chicken Run…

Aardman sounds like Hardman

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the Guardian do these top 20 all the time for films, don’t panic about the onslaught of them