Guerilla Cooking


On TV I saw someone fry an egg on a hot pavement once. And someone cooked stuff wrapped in foil tucked insider the bonnet of their car.

I’ve used a camping stove at End of the Road.

What have you cooked (well, or badly) outside the house?


Absolutely nothing tbh


Alright Bear Grylls.


cooked outside the house? yes a gazillion times. Cooked on a pavement/car bonnet? not sure I have anything to offer there.

a memory that sticks out is wild camping (come at me) with some friends and we had loads of supplies and cooking equipment to cook on an open campfire and had this wicked meal planned. then we realised we had no lighter or matches. got the fire going by making sparks on a stone with a flint and eventually lighting some toilet roll on fire and getting the fire going. possibly the most glorious camping moment of my life.





my dad swears he fried an egg on the pavement in kefalonia once. might be having me on, though.


I dropped an egg on the pavement in Barking.




Idiot, I said outside the house!


we lived in tunisia for a few years when i was a kid. we had a tiled veranda on the front of our house and we did once manage to fry an egg on the tiles on a particularly hot day. it can be done! (we didn’t eat the egg afterwards, though)

for context, dad kept a thermometer out there, and the highest temperature he recorded was just north of 50°C in the shade.


Cooked some sausage with a big magnifying glass when I was a kid. Good times


Well that’s the copycat joke thread fucked already.


guys do we reckon baby smee’s gonna appreciate this story when he’s older or not?


unfortunately by the time baby smee has come of age this cooking method will be the norm following catastrophic climate change and the collapse of civilization. caused by you and your fork.


Not really the time or place but nevermind, congratulations on the forthcoming baby smee.


thank you very much but I’m a bit miffed Mrs S told you she was pregnant again before she told me


Turn that s̶h̶i̶t̶ fan assisted oven up