Guess chadders' favourite biscuit (Prizes)

As many guesses as you like but your last guess is the one that will count.

At 3pm chadders will announce his favourite and the winner will receive a pack of that very comestible.

Chocolate Digestive

Fox’s Ginger Crunch Cream

(he’s a class act)

i can’t do it, i can’t think of anything else other than jacob’s cheddars biscuits in here

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Hahaha, just shitting you Chad!

Viennese Whirl

Jammy dodger

those pink finger things

Classic Hob-Nob.

This was so nearly my guess

I was torn between them and Bourbon. Argh!

(this is not a guess)

I think you made the right choice. Bourbons are OK at best - but don’t deserve to be anyone’s favourite (and I would judge anyone who asserted so harshly indeed)

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Party rings (I don’t know chadders)


No one does. He’s an enigma (he might even hate biscuits).


I bet he’s a bit of a wrong’un, so I’m going with Bourbon

Ginger snap

oat cake

Although, he could still have a favourite out of those that he hates, like maybe jammy dodgers because the used to see his nanny eat them.


Party rings was a top guess by the way, I’m glad sean got some new users.

It’s also great being able to do three posts in quick succession without the “kinda eager” message. It means my wonderful additions to the discussions can flow more naturally.