Guess How Many Replies This Thread Will Get: 2018 REDUX!

The rules are simple: guess how many replies this thread will get before it auto-closes. It’s due to close one day after the last reply. Place your guesses in the thread below. ONE GUESS PER PERSON

I will put up a cash prize of £7 for the winner, which is enough to pay for a haggis toastie or a burrito. (However you’re free to spend your prize money as you wish).

Good luck and happy guessing!



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Solid guess, there, Ant. I believe the original version (circa 2008) reached over 3,000 replies.

Oh I should add that I won’t bump this thread, but of course others are welcome to do so if they want to.

Thank you!



(post must be at least etc)

Ah @epimer is out of the game already. As it stands, you are in the winning position!

Bugger. Oh well, I tried my best.

Now I just need this thread to sink without trace. Might start lots of other threads to obscure it.



poor @jamos!



Ah well, you are still in the game (technically).

I should add that chat is permitted in this thread.



Is it fuck!

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For the low low fee of £5 I will use my considerable influence to ensure that this thread stops on 3583 replies. This will have to be paid up front, with no refunds possible. But feel free to peruse my references

“Wow, boothyfearssatan really put an end to that thread” - DiS user

“boothyfearssatan last post was so utterly dull that replying to it would have tainted me by association” - David Moyes

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