Guess how much...

…this steak and chips costs at Tom Kerridge’s ‘unpretentious, down to earth’ pub…

Love the ratio of bearnaise to steak.

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Nice edit.

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A nice fresh steak cut straight off the goddamn lockness monster

Look there must be a reason why you don’t know much about meat prices, I just wish you’d tell us what it is.

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I tell you what, luckily this isn’t a quick fire thread. I’d have to call it a shambles otherwise


Once the price is revealed there may be a debate or discussion not becoming of a quickfire thread.


That plate looks far away


Can we get a banana for scale pls

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Looks like there are fifteen (15) chips in that ‘portion’. Criminal.



Actually, the steak is probably made of banana

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One of the worst things about it imo.

No correct guesses so far…